10 Clever Design Tips to Make Your Home Look Beautiful

One invests a lot in their house to make it a beautiful home. And when you know that you are going to stay there for a long time, it’s better if you make it beautiful with minimal efforts and costs. If you are planning to redesign your home, then follow these 10 tips to give it a more beautiful and luxurious touch.

  1. Paint the smaller rooms in lighter color

Painting smaller rooms in a lighter color give the illusion that the room is larger. Try to add large windows and an ample number of mirrors in the mirror to better create that illusion of a larger room. Using a dark color to paint a room will make it appear to look smaller no matter how big it is. Residents of Sussex use Sash windows Sussex to make the room airy and elegant.

  1. Use decorative mirror in living spaces

A mirror not only makes the room appear larger but also increases the light of a room. A room that has less access to natural light, you should try placing a mirror in the exactly across the windows, the reflection of light from the mirror will instantly brighten up the room. A mirror can also be used fill empty wall spaces of a room.

  1. Mix everything up

Your home should reflect who you are. Therefore, with the addition of new furniture, you don’t need to dump your old furniture because every piece has a story attached to you. Try to mix everything in the room, mix your old furniture with the new one, expensive art pieces with the inexpensive one. Also, mix patterns and textures to show traits of your personality in the room.

  1. Use slip covers if have children

Slip covers are wonderful things to have if there are children in the home. They can also change the look of your furniture according to the season without having to pay extra. Slip covers add a sophisticated look to your furniture and it also removes the worries of you being constantly worried about dirty spilling on the furniture. Try to use white slip cover in the couches to five a comfortable and sophisticated elegance to your room.

  1. Get some wicker baskets

If you want to store things beautifully, then you should get yourself a wicker basket. It’s an elegant way of storing things including books and food. Place the wicker basket in the kitchen and your room to store and display things beautifully.

  1. Use old things to decorate the house

Redesigning the house doesn’t mean that you have to run to the nearest shop to buy a new piece of decorative item. Instead, you should unpack and look towards the old items available in your home to redecorate it.  A second glance is needed to give the old items a chance to make your home look beautiful.

  1. Add hanging pot holders in the kitchen

We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen and therefore it should be warm and inviting. Add hanging pot holders in the kitchen to make it beautiful and give a warm feeling. It will also add elegance to the kitchen area of the home.

  1. Go green

Add plants wherever you can inside of your home. The plants are inexpensive ways of decorating your home. Apart from decoration, it is very important to use it in order to clear the interior air pollution. A house should never be without plants.

  1. Paint the bookcases

If you are a book lover and you have bookcases in your home, consider using colors in the bookcases to instantly re-energize the room. Just a pinch of color in the bookcases will make the room energetic without any actual efforts. Also, book cases are generally small and therefore, it can be quickly redesigned easily. Also try adding a splash of colors into fireplace mantels, the interior of the closets and the ceiling.

  1. Use area rugs in hardwood floors

Using rugs in the floor adds warmth to the room. A great textured rug adds a personality to the room. One can’t deny that hardwood floor looks beautiful but also, you have to agree that it is not much comfortable especially in the cooler months. Using area rugs on those hardwood floors will make the place comfortable and a warmer tone of the fabric will make the room look cozy.

Bottom Line

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to redesign your house. Try using these ten tips to instantly beautiful your room without much efforts and designs. Also, if you are looking forward to adding a luxurious touch to the room, try to construct a staircase like timber staircases in Sussex. Timber staircases are a cheap way of staying in trend!

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