HP Sprout G2 3D-Scanning PC

When it comes to the latest gadget, there are definitely more than enough gadgets with advanced system and features. Thanks to all the great manufacturers that we and people living in other parts of the world can get and use any of the advanced gadgets to make our lives much simpler.

HP Sprout G2

Never ending is the advanced creation from the major manufacturers to bring the most advanced and fully functional gadget. This time, the one of the major manufacturers, HP, brings its latest creation of Sprout G2, a gadget claimed perfect for product designers. It is a particular device that comes with integrated 2D and 3D scanners make it ideal for CGI creators as they can take benefit by incorporating the 3D models. To make the task a lot easier, it comes with stylus enabled touch acting as the second screen. This device is starting to be on the market in March 2017 so make sure to get yours today.

PowerVision Underwater Drone

This time, a new advanced underwater drone makes one of the best options for you to purchase in 2017. This particular drone has great features and system as it can submerge up to 30 meters of 98 feet. And, it records 4K video that is streamed live to your phone or other gadgets. It has more other features like the FishFinder sonar which works to detect the fish up to 40 meters or 131 feet away. Then, it lures the fish using blue light. Thanks to its VR goggles that this device enables you to robot around. You only need to tilt your head to do it.

Kuri Robot Nanny

It seems that robot has now been getting more advanced and functional. This time, one leading robot manufacturer presents the so called Kuri robot nanny with a pack of advanced features. For instance, its mobile security camera that is completed with smart home control capabilities. The great thing is it works great as nanny as it helps you to check on your kids or pets while you are not around. It is simply a cool thing to have.

AirTV Play Live

The next most advanced gadget on the list is the AirTV Play for live TV streaming. If you are such a huge fan of TV shows that you cannot miss every single episode, this is the right thing you have. It is a device that never misses any local, national and international broadcasts so you can always entertain yourself. By using this, you will feel like using the Fisher Price mated with Roku but never will be the remote lost in the couch.

Acer Predator 21X Laptop

Another fantastic and powerful gaming laptop is around. It is brought by Acer, one of the most leading laptop manufacturers. This time, Acer is not joking around with the laptop because it is offered at around $9.000. Of course, for such huge amount of money, this laptop comes with the most fantastic features you can think of. For instance, it comes with 21 inch curved inch, two power supplies for more power, an eye tracking camera, two subwoofers, four speakers, and also the GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs.

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