TOS: View Multimedia Files Feature Review

Sometimes we have to have such a tactics and strategies to look after our loved ones in the shape of kids and teens, spouse and check and balance on those who are working as the employee in your business enterprise. Therefore, TheOneSpy mobile spy software has developed to support parents, employers and spouses with the help of its outstanding and state of the art feature “View the multimedia files feature”. The modern technology has brought smartphones gadgets along with plenty of breathtaking features such as screenshots. It is one of the most contemporary attributes of a modern technological world. But have you ever heard how to capture screen shots from your other person cell phone such as parents turn to get the screen shot from their kids and teens smartphones, the spouse gets screen shots from his/her partner mobile phone and employer want to get the screen shot from their employee’s company owned device?

 That’s when TOS come forward to make it possible effectively and accurately.  The spy software even allows user to get photos from others person smartphones, videos which your target person have saved in their cell phone and last but not the least voice recordings and other documents and files through multimedia?

How Spy Screen Shots Feature Works?

It is very useful for users, and it works similarly as on you do on your personal smartphone device. a user just needs to get is TOS premier application account. The user needs to have the internet connection with the target smartphone or tablet. Now you need to install the spy software on your target cell phone. After the completion of installation, it will start capturing screenshots within the target device after every 15 seconds. Then it will automatically upload the capturing data on your control panel. The user can set a schedule of capturing screenshots with the help of dashboard and also can set preferences of screen capturing from 15 seconds up to 60 seconds. Spy capture screen shots are very handy for curbing dishonest employees, protecting young teens from social media dangers and perfect for spouses to keep an eye on partner’s hidden activities.

How spy at their Photos Works?

TheOneSpy multimedia files feature enables parents to get access in kids and teens cell phone to know what actually they have stored can view what their employees have saved over their company owned device and spouse enable to get information in his/her partner’s phone gallery. Simply user can get information regarding data storage target have saved, pictures they receive through email and images they have sent/received through MMS and other multimedia files. So, TOS multimedia files feature provides you enough information regarding your target user, what they like, what they actually do and what sort of data they store on their smartphone gadgets.

How view their videos Works?

Have you concerned about your kids and teens being parents that what sort of videos they are watching and downloading from the internet? Being employer has you well aware of what sort of video content your employees are downloading or uploading within the working hours? TheOneSpy is able to spy all videos of target phone and whatever `users are watching, downloading and uploading through the sub-feature view their videos of view multimedia files feature of TOS. All the data which your target user are downloading or viewing is saved on your electronic control panel; a user can view all the data and get complete information through it. Parents can see the video content and if they realize that this type of video content is inappropriate for youngsters than they can take actions immediately. Employers have to keep discipline in their business organization, therefore employees who do time wasting activities such as downloading some stuff within working hours need to be alarmed.

How Listen to their Voice Recording Works?

The modern world where technology is benefited us; on the other hand, it is also harming us. Therefore, technology is the best weapon to counter technology. Young kids and teens using technology no time ever before, but excessive use of tech could be dangerous for them. There is a trend of making online friends and then meeting without having prior knowledge of the profile of an online friend always a risk for youth. So, parents are very threatened but cannot stop their young kids without having the solid reason. TOS voice recording feature enables parents to record all voice recordings of their kid’s smartphone while a meeting with an online friend and they can take action in case of any mishap.  Employers can record voices of their employees if they are working or plan a conspiracy or kept on bitching about you in front of other employees, and then TOS Voice recording would be the best option.

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